A Collection of Children's Short Stories

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ISBN: 978-1951775773
Category: Children's Books
Author: Ruthanne Nopson
Publisher: Readersmagnet LLC
Book Type: Kindle & Paperback
Published Date: 2020-09-17
Price: $ 2.99-5.54

Book summary:

A Collection of Short Stories has something for children ages three to young teens. Young children will enjoy Buster Bunny's Thanksgiving. Mrs. Bunny sends Buster to the woods to pick berries for Thanksgiving pie and gets into trouble. "Mila the Little Turtle". Hudson gets Mila for a birthday present. Mom ties a balloon on a string and then around Mila's shell. Suddenly the wind picks up the little turtle, and flys away. "Time and Time Again" is a fun way to create a story using one word like "time". They will enjoy the story The Brief Encounter of two little mice, Eek, and Click. Who lives on a mouse pad at Microsoft. Pookie's big adventure is a story about Captain Pookie, his parrot thatch and his pet snail named Rosco, who lives in a potted plant on Captain Pookie's sailboat The Soper Slup. A favorite story for young girls is The Magic of Snowflake. A kitten with magical powers arrives at Emma's home and makes everyone happy. Years later, Snowflake has to go back to heaven on a moonbeam. Grandma Jan made a pink scarf for Emma and for Snowflake. Emma puts her pink scarf around her neck and holds Snowflakes scarf next to her cheek. Emma sees two little stars blinking in the night sky and wonder.

Publisher: https://www.readersmagnet.com/

Ruthanne Nopson

Ruthanne Nopson was born in a small mining camp in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She started the first grade as a five-year-old. Back then, there were not enough children for kindergarten and first grade. She remembers being excited because now she could learn to read and write. Ruthanne?s father was a miner, so they moved to many camps. To keep busy she learned that the library could be your best friend. She spent hours reading and looking at books. She won a writing contest in her seventh grade. She finished high school in Washington State. The only class she knew she could get an A was English Literature. She and her husband raised three children. She made sure they liked to read and write their own story. Ruthanne has a great passion for writing children?s books. They have children, many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who give her inspiration.


Cute fun stories. I bought 2 more for gifts.

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