Happiness In Quantum Leaps

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ISBN: 978-1098015749
Category: Religion & Spirituality, New Age & Spirituality
Author: Aura D. McClain
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Format: Kindle, Paperback
Published Date: 2020-12-23
Price Range: $9.99 - $27.95

Book summary:

Happiness in Quantum Leaps is a guide to achieving Love, Joy, Peace, and Happiness through positive alignment of our Body, Mind, and Energy/Spirit together as one: 1) Mind: Attain Mental Peace by Learning to Control Your Mind 2) Energy/Spirit: Reconnecting to God?s Spiritual Energy Source & Learning how to use it 3) Body: Physical Healing related to mental stress

Publisher: https://www.christianfaithpublishing.com/

Aura D. McClain

Aura McClain is a Certified Professional Life Coach and a published author of a spiritual book called ?Happiness in Quantum Leaps?, De-Stressing Without Drugs. As a Professional Life Coach, her expertise is in spiritual, emotional, and relationship healing and coaching.

Website: https://www.auramcclain.com/

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