Garden Isle Twins

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ISBN: 978-1952896729
Category: Romance
Author: Linda Blum
Publisher: Readersmagnet LLC
Format: Kindle, Paperback
Published Date: 2020-12-22
Price Range: $0 - $11.03

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This story presents fraternal twins taking turns as the main character. Knowledge of the historic and cultural events shines through on every page. The twins were uprooted from a city to an island in Maine which can be reached only by ferry. Meaning: "This place is like another world". They deal with internal and external conflicts."What am I going to do now? How will I ever get through this?"


Linda Blum

Linda L. Blum is well-qualified to write this book since she has firsthand knowledge of the cultural and spiritual issues of the American 1970s era. She draws upon her own experience and education that inspired her characters' roles. With over fifty years of spiritual interactions and a bachelor's degree in Religious Education, she is enjoying writing books and teaching. Linda is the author of One God, in One Book, for One People. With her husband, Peter, she lives in the beautiful Green Mountain State, Vermont.


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One God, in One Book, for One People
Book Format: Kindle,Paperback
Publisher: Xlibris Corp.
Category: Christian Books & Bibles
Author: Linda Blum

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