Releasing the Pain

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ISBN: 978-1662803567
Category: Christian Books & Bibles,Christian Living
Author: Michelle Moreno
Publisher: Xulon Press
Format: Hardback
Published Date: 2021-01-07
Price Range: $0 - $20.99

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Are you tired of running? Are you tired of fighting, just to end up with the same result? Do you find yourself compromising, valuing yourself less and less for someone?s attention, to find out your still invisible in their eyes? In this book, you will begin to read the Words of Christ, and words of encouragement that will bring healing to your soul. You may think ?I will never recover from this heartbreak; I won?t love again!? But the more you read and meditate on God?s Word, the more you will start to feel His peace, joy, happiness?LOVE! Psalms in the Bible is about praise and worship, and when you feel like there?s nothing to ?worship? God about, we must praise Him for what He will show us from that difficulty, that?s where the test is. Are you ready to receive all that God has for you to begin to heal from something that happened as a child, or adulthood? Then this book is for you!


Michelle Moreno

Michelle Poitier is the bestselling author of several books for women that encountered trauma, abuse and or mental illness secondary to trauma, including ?Random Thoughts from the Heart. A Collection and Releasing the Pain; as well as being one of nine veteran authors in The Voices Behind Mental Illness ~ The Life of a Veteran Series 5. She has been featured as a front-runner in overcoming barriers on platforms such as Jim Moran Global Entrepreneurship, No Barriers USA, Missouri State University, The Mission Continues and many more. Michelle is the creator of various programs such as ?Unmasking the Hurt?, ?Redefine Your Life-Path?, ?Empowered 2 Thrive and is dedicated to helping women redefine their life after trauma. Her primary message ?Healing from the Inside Out? is dedicated to helping women redefine the life after trauma, has inspired and empowered many women to pursue the path to healing, move beyond their harrowing experiences and reclaim their lives Michelle?s deep-seated community alliance allowed her the opportunity to serve in Spain, Korea, Panama and underserved areas throughout the U.S. in some of the poorest communities. Offering social service referrals, food distribution, counseling, and more importantly hope, help, and healing. Her life?s vision statement, A Woman of Faith, living life audaciously IN SPITE OF?seeing the invisible, doing the impossible and inspiring others to do the same is the epitomize of WHO Michelle is. #Healing Unleashed ~ Bound NO MORE.

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