Tell Me Why, Jannie

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Category: Romantic Comedy
Author: Annie Mick
Publisher: Independently published
Format: Kindle,Paperback
Published Date: 2021-01-26
Price Range: $13.99

Book summary:

She was his ?Jannie?, the very air that he breathed; his everything. And when he needed her most, she left as if he meant nothing. Why is she here now? Five years after being abandoned by the love of her life, Jana Cooper is returning home. She?s not arriving alone though. Her travel companion is a spunky four-year-old who is the spitting image of the man who shattered her dreams. The man who left her a note stating, ?I wish you the best?. ?Tell Me Why, Jannie? is a heartbreaking romance that takes you from where it all began to the very end, as well as giving you the creamy filling in the middle?a little like an Oreo cookie. Eat the whole package?it?s calorie free.

Annie Mick

Music enthusiast and diehard rock ?n? roll fan, Annie Mick, enjoys a quiet life with her fellow musician husband and line-dancing dog (he?s a little bit country). Originally from the Midwest where the farmers still wave as they pass each other on the gravel roads, she found her permanent home in Colorado where the terrain is rougher, the sky is bluer, and her neighbors still wave as does the Broncos flag. You can usually find her on the patio where the music plays and the wine pours, with a dog at her feet and a pen in her hand; creating those alpha men, crazy friends, and happy endings...after the bed is made, dusting, vacuuming, figuring out what's for dinner and calling to order it.

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