How to Show God You Love Him!

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ISBN: 978-1645506720
Category: Christian Books & Bibles
Author: Michele A. Grisham
Publisher: TheBookPatch, LLC.
Format: Kindle,Paperback
Published Date: 2019-11-21
Price Range: $1 - $25

Book summary:

Train children in the way they should go; when they grow old, they won?t depart from it (Proverbs 22:6 Common English Bible). It?s important to God that our children know Him, His love, and how He wants them to think, speak and act. In our busy lives, it is hard to fit everything in; but, God?s love, wisdom, and rules are the most important. The information and ideas our children see on TV, video games and even in school are not the ideal messages we want for them. This book was written to help you spend time with your child and teach them about the most important values in life. We might get those wrong sometimes, but God always has them right. In this book there are chapters about the 10 Commandments, the Fruit of the Spirit and Spiritual Gifts. Please help your children learn the right information from the perfect Source.


Michele A. Grisham

Michele Hayes-Grisham is a passionate Christian and she has experienced God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in many ways throughout her life. She was born in Brazil, Indiana and moved 30 times due to her step-father being in construction and her husband being in the Air Force. From an early age, she learned to accept change and be content wherever she lived. She was born premature and has struggled throughout her life with a weak immune system and unique health problems. She was born with a tied tongue and that speech impediment brought teasing from others and a lack of confidence. It took decades before she realized God had given her spiritual gifts. It wasn?t until she took a spiritual gifts assessment test and saw her gifts in black and white that she believed she had value and something to share. She has a Bachelor?s Degree from Simpson University and a Certificate in Women?s Ministries from Northern California School of Women?s Ministries. She led a chapel service for many years at a mission for homeless women and children and mentored some of the women in drug and alcohol recovery. God has put many of His children in front of her to love.

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