Journal of A Road Warrior

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ISBN: 978-1-68456-917-5
Category: Running,Documentary Sports,Competition
Author: Nick Trozzi
Publisher: Page Publishing
Format: Kindle,Paperback,Hardback
Published Date: 2019-10-23
Price Range: $6.35 - $17.95

Book summary:

The title uses the words road warrior to express the competitive battles you have on the concrete roads against other runners training to get to the finish line before you and get the glory of beating you and all challengers. This is like your local weekly Olympic races, and at any skill level you feel like a winner that you completed this event.


Nick Trozzi

Nick Trozzi is a California-based competitive and recreational runner. He has been running for 50 years and because of all his races, he got to visit Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, Sta. Monica Pier, Little Tokyo and China Town and all the different sites of the city that he wouldn?t have been able to visit and view if he haven?t been running into races. He has learned how to run faster by learning how to buy different gears, using training techniques, learning eating and diet habits. Nick has met different celebrities, TV show hosts and personalities in the events he was in. With all gained experience in running, he had also gained awards, trophies and medals. "You can reach out to Nick and converse about his wonderful journey in this book by sending him an email through"



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