Jasmine: A Greater Love

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ISBN: 978-1952896828
Category: Romance
Author: Monique Boyd
Publisher: Readersmagnet LLC
Format: Kindle,Paperback
Published Date: 2021-04-14
Price Range: $5.99 - $18.58

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In book 2 Jasmine A Greater Love - the question is who's trying to kill Jasmine and why? Just when she finds love and happiness will she survive to enjoy it? Or will Jasmine lose everything including her life? Will she finally find out who wants her dead? No one is safe around her.

Publisher: https://www.readersmagnet.com/

Monique Boyd

Monique loves to cook, crochet Afghans, travel, read romance novels and now is writing them as well. Monique is a romantic at heart. She is an active member in her church community. Monique Boyd was born in New Jersey and raised in Kansas since the age of two and currently lives today. Monique has been in the office administration world for 31 years between the Boeing Company and Spirit AeroSystems. For the last 21 years Monique, has supported a Senior Vice President as a Senior Executive Assistant.

Website: https://mlboydauthor.com/


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Jasmine: A Woman of Color
Book Format: Kindle,Paperback,Hardback
Publisher: Readersmagnet LLC
Category: Romance,Contemporary
Author: Monique Boyd

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