Perspective A Book of Poetry

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ISBN: 978-1611661057
Category: Poetry
Author: Glade Myler
Publisher: Y Mountain Press
Format: Paperback
Published Date: 1905-09-07
Price Range: $13.99

Book summary:

This work consists of various modern poems in English, Spanish and Portuguese with the translations into English of the Spanish and Portuguese immediately following. However, in order for the translations to become poems in English, they must be crafted to follow the examples of the other English poems included in this work. As an art, poetry imitates life with words and metaphors which suggest a feeling, a sense of being, a testimonial of some truths evident in our lives as well as word pictures that describe familiar scenes. Many of the poems are in the form of modern sonnets that do not follow the traditional Elizabethan and Italian sonnets, but, nonetheless, they are sonnets with fourteen lines with a conclusion to fit the theme. Many of the Spanish poems comport to the meter requirements of Spanish poetry, but not all. Since life is so multi-faceted and can be interpreted in different ways by all of us, these poems show some perspectives of the poet but are amenable to different views on the same theme. Some readers have commented that most of them seem, ?too deep? for them to try and interpret the full meaning. This is the purpose of poetry to invite the reader to examine his or her feelings and experiences and apply them to the overt meanings, as well as the underlying meanings of the words, the vehicles of being. Many of the works were inspired by music and there are some love themes, but the afflictions we all face and our struggle to understand death are evident in many of these works. The main thrust is to end the poem, as often as possible, on an up note, but this was not always accomplished. It is the hope of the poet, that the reader will enjoy this journey.


Glade Myler

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