The Miracle of Wendy Whimple

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ISBN: 978-1950947317
Category: Literary Fiction
Author: Attilio Guardo
Publisher: Readersmagnet LLC
Book Type: Kindle & Paperback
Published Date: 2019-03-08
Price: $ 2.99-7.71

Book summary:

Michela Vandemere Whimple is a woman whose mother insisted she be perfect in whatever undertaken she took on. When her newborn child, Wendy, is born with some deformity, she gives her up. A loving relative takes Wendy in and soon discovers she is no ordinary child. Growing up she starts to manifest a unique healing power with animals. When the Pullo brothers move in the neighborhood, they are in direct conflict with Wendy?s love of nature and her healing power. One day during a hunting accident, one of the Pullo brothers loses the sight in one eye. Distraught, he begs Wendy to heal his eye. Wendy?s attempt fails, and it?s soon discovered she can only heal animals. Angry, the Pullo brothers trap Wendy in the woods to frighten her by performing a mock crucifixion. After causing her some pain, the Guardian of Affliction appears in her behalf frightening the offenders away. Wendy soon finds the Guardian of Affliction will remove one gift from her and give her another. Wendy is confused by the Guardian?s words until an extraordinary miracle changes her life.

Publisher: https://www.readersmagnet.com/

Attilio Guardo

Attilio Guardo has always had a passion and talent for writing since childhood. He obtained his BS degree in General Business Management from the University of Hartford. After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, he became employed in the accounting and management sector.

Website: https://www.artgbooks.com/

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