Blaze the Dragon the Adventures of Ra-me the Traveling Troubadour

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ISBN: 978-1532064005
Category: Children's Fairytale
Author: Connie S. Arnold
Publisher: iUniverse
Book Type: Kindle, Paperback & Hardcover
Published Date: 2019-02-08
Price: $ 3.97-6.35

Book summary:

Blaze the dragon will be twelve, and Ra-me, a traveling troubadour, has been invited to come and play in Dragon Village for his coming-of-age birthday party. All attendees are fierce dragons, but he has a permission slip in his pocket that guarantees his safety. But there is an accident. Blaze has lost his ability to breathe fire. The entire village is restless. Will he be safe? Each dragon tries his luck in making Blaze breathe fire again. None of these attempts work. Inferno, the dragon leader, commands Ra-me to sing a song that will light Blaze?s fire. Ra-me is no firebug; he is just a wimpy little singer. He has to find some courage; he has to create a song with magic powers.

Publisher: https://www.iuniverse.com/en

Connie S. Arnold

The author lives on a farm in Tennessee with her husband, a few black cows, a chocolate Lab, a LhasaPoo and five ponds filled with thousands of fish. For more information, please visit her website or email her at conniesarnold@conniesarnold.com.

Website: https://conniesarnold.com/


I like that the author has a positive message in her stories, this one is LOVE. I bought a second one for our Sunday school teacher because of the positive message and she was thrilled to inc

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