A Journey to Ultra Dimension " Time Is of No Essence"

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ISBN: 978-1952896255
Category: Science Fiction
Author: Kourosh Naziri
Publisher: Readersmagnet LLC
Book Type: Kindle&Paperback
Published Date: 2020-10-06
Price: $ 2.99 - 6.69

Book summary:

On this book, you will be able to witness a new original action-packed adventure of Captain Houshmand. This book has an original style of comedy, which I called Cartoonamic. Captain Houshmand is a great brave man who is about to marry Delaram. A Xinterrian kidnaps Delaram before the matrimony and will take her to an unknown place. Captain Houshmand will do everything to rescue Delaram. On his way to Earth, Captain Houshmand finds out he's lost in ultra-dimensions and this will lead him to an adventure that he'll never forget. Just like any sci-fi movie, there are lasers, torpedoes, photon torpedoes and all kinds of make-believe wars.

Publisher: https://www.readersmagnet.com/

Kourosh Naziri

Kourosh Naziri (Cyrus) has a formal education in Electronics and Telecommunications at the George Washington University. He is a former Electronics Lecturer at the NVCC College in Virginia and a former Data Network Specialist at the World Bank. Cyrus was fascinated with technology and the mystery it holds. The story was based on his background and expertise in Electronics and this book talks about infinite dimensions. These dimensions are the essence of electronics and many other fields. To a lot of people, these dimensions are unknown. It stayed as a mystery to many but a puzzle to solve to those who have curios minds, yet it does exist. Since these dimensions primarily exist in Electronics, Cyrus believes that it might exist in our world. Copies of this book may also be obtained by inquiring at cyrus21century.com


Would translate much better to a TV show

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