Embracing Our Queenly Anointing

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ISBN: 978-1727389784
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Author: Sharon Arrindell (Smith)
Publisher: Rhema Publishing
Format: Kindle, Paperback
Published Date: 2021-03-10
Price Range: $8 - $15

Book summary:

?Embracing Our Queenly Anointing? as a Bible study course should be utilized to gain a better understanding of the book of Esther, in an effort to bring the women studying, to a place of knowing, and therefore embracing their anointing as Queens in God?s royal kingdom. The study should help the women understand that no matter what they have had to endure; God?s plan is to embrace them as royalty. This Workbook should be used in conjunction with ?Embracing Our Queenly Anointing? course book. After reading the course book in its entirety the students/Bible study participants are asked to complete each lesson. Each lesson asks the students/Bible study participants to answer five crucial questions that when answered honestly has the potential to bring wholeness and the freedom to accept their anointing and walk in it with boldness and tenacity.

Publisher: https://www.rhemapublishinghouse.com/

Sharon Arrindell (Smith)

Dr. Sharon is a Professional Christian Counselor specializing in pre-marriage/marriage counseling, grief counseling, anger management, youth/adolescent counseling, stress. She is an ordained pastor, professor, author and editor, who has written several Christian books.

Website: www.inspiredwholenesscounseling.com

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